Vision Training Soccer Coaching Certification

Vision Training LEVEL II Coaching Certification Course

July 23, 2017 starting at 5:30 PM

Powerpoint presentation at Heil Park Pavilion

Field Session at Heil Park field, Grant St. & Salk St., Easton PA 18042

Fee:  $40.00  Includes Downloads of the Vision Training Coaching Manual, the Vision Training for Soccer DVD, a Vision Training Shirt, the Vision Training Level II Coaching Certificate

Coaching Education is Key to Player Success!  THE VISION TRAINING SYSTEM teaches players how to SEE the FIELD.  By SEEING the FIELD, soccer players identify tactical choices, make the best decisions, become comfortable on the ball, more creative, self-confident and successful.

Vision Training Soccer is pleased to announce two VTS Coaches Certification Courses for 2017  

Vision Training Soccer offers 5 levels of Coaches Certification Courses:

 Level I VTS Course Includes:

    1 1/2 hours of on-field instruction

    VTS coaches manual

     VTS Shirt

     Vision Training Level I Coaching Certificate

    Fee - $25

Level 2 VTS Course Includes:

      30 min. of classroom instruction

      1 1/2 hours of on-feld instruction

       VTS Shirt

       Vision Training Level II Coaching Certificate

      Fee - $40

Level III VTS Course includes:

      45 min. of classroom instruction

      2 hours and 15 min.  on-field instruction with VTS Founders

      VTS Shirt 

     Vision Training Level III Coaching Certificate

     Fee - $50

Level IV VTS Course includes: 

      7 hours of on-field instruction with VTS Founders

      Complete course curriculum

      VTS Shirt 

       Vision Training Level IV Coaching Certificate

      Fee - $75.

*   Level V Master Trainer VTS Course includes: 

       1 year of practical coaching 

        Fee - $100

         Vision Training Level V Master Trainer Certificate

*   Master Trainer will be certified to independently  conduct VTS Level 1-4 Courses 

For additional information please contact TJ Kostecky, Men's Coach at LIU Brooklyn at C 917 273-5576

Coaching Education is Key to Player Development and Success!

THE VISION TRAINING SOCCER Certification Program provides coaches with a comprehensive, step-by-

step program to teach their players how to play with VISION, 

*  Vision is the most important component of the game and is necessary to play the game successfully

* Vision, included in each and every training session, dramatically improves the outcomes of 

   players performance from beginner to professional.

* With Vision, players transition from a reactive to a proactive game.

* Players learn to quickly identify tactical choices, make the best decisions, become comfortable on 

   the ball, become creative, self-confident and successful.

Every player and team needs VISION TRAINING as part of their overall training strategy.

The Vision Training Soccer Coaching Certification courses enable coaches to deliver Vision to

their player!

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